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    Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative (CREMA Initiative) is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organization, committed to leadership ethics, economic empowerment and developmental advocacy.Donate Now
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    Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative, also known as CREMA Initiative, is a non-governmental, no religious and non political organization. We are both Operational and Campaign based. As an Operational NGO,...
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    As a Human Rights Organization, we shall contend and fight for the cause of the oppressed and victimized; and be a voice for those whose rights are violated as enshrined in...
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Aims and objectives:

*   To create awareness on socio-economic rights and obligations

*   To help in good citizens responsibilities advocacy and development

*   To create awareness on skill acquisition…

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Motto: Justice for all……….            Wealth for all……….. Our Vision: …Raising economic empowered citizens through dignity of labour, who shall be  socially relevant through Rights awareness Our Mission: To be the platform for ethics development and socio economic empowerment, and...
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What We Believe

At CREMA we believe that these fundamentals are very crucial to National Integration and Development as Patriots and our sign of Patriotism

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1st International Comference, Awards/Dinner Night

Upcoming Event

Watch out for the first international comference, award and dinner night being organize by CREMA INITIATIVE. Event holds in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital in December, 2017.

Details coming soon!

For enquiries, call 08175047979 or email info@cremainitiative.org

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