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Membership Benefit


The “what is in it for me” question?

Every individual wants to know what he or she stands to gain for belonging to an organisation for which he/she sacrifice his/her time, hard earned resources and intellectual capacity.

  1. Financial Aid to the sum of a minimum of 50% and Maximum of 75% without collateral of amount required/needed by applicant for every business idea/proposal that has been approved by The Business Development Directorate (BDD) of CREMA Initiative in conjunction with Financing Institution
  2. Free Legal Assistance for members whose rights and Privileges have been infringed on
  3. 30% financial assistance from money used for membership registration by those introduced or recruited to CREMA initiative by you if completed within the stipulated time frames in F above
  4. Recommendation by CREMA Initiative Executive Directors to Government, Local and International bodies for Capacity Building Training (locally and internationally) on CREMA Initiative related issues, If such training are to be borne by the Training organisation and CREMA is approached to nominate persons for such.
  5. Life Insurance Cover Plan for Officers and CREMA Initiative employed staff
  6. Scholarship Opportunity to 1st degree level for fully Registered Student member or a child of Fully registered member who performed excellently above cut-off marks in JAMB and Post UME
  7. Represent CREMA Initiative Locally and Internationally with ALL expenses paid by the Organisation on Chapter recommendation where such occasion arise
  8. Technical Aid on Business issue by the Business Development Directorate (BDD) if and When business ideas/proposal is approved and funded by/through CREMA Initiative Assistance
  9. Health Grant to members with life threatening ailments (CREMA Initiative shall have a special arrangement worked out with the Nigeria Medical Association/Nigeria Health Insurance Scheme) that should benefit members
  10. Financial/Material Assistance to immediate family members of fully registered members in the case of death or permanent disability. E.g. scholarship to secondary school level and one of the children to 1st degree level or training of children in their field of choice for skills acquisition or setting up business for widow/widower, if needed to keep the family empowered economically
  11. 50-70% Discount for Skill Acquisition and development training if organized by CREMA Initiative BDD or same shall be borne by CREMA Initiative for members who intend going for skills acquisition and development if CREMA Initiative does not have the facility
  12. Up to 80% Special Discount for CREMA Initiative members at Professionally Organized Seminar
  13. Political/government appointment/employments: Recommending qualified Members for such when needed
  14. Mobilization of CREMA Initiative members and citizens for members that are politically inclined


  1. Condition for enjoying Benefits/ Indemnity

CREMA Initiative members shall enjoy the above benefits if:

  • They have a minimum of 70% rating at the time of putting in request for ANY type of assistance listed above
  • Should have been a fully registered member of CREMA Initiative for A minimum of not less than 2years
  • The 2years shall be counted from date of being fully registered as a financial or Non-Financial member.
  • CREMA Initiative has met at least 2-10% of its membership drive from current national population data base or it own numerical target as an NGO as may be agreed by members of the Board of Directors.
  • If there is no Failure on the part of a “third party, not occasioned by any failure on CREMA Initiative side  “Third Party” here refers to any individual, organisation or company responsible for executing any arrangement between CREMA Initiative and its Members
  • If government policy/policies or actions impede, prevent or hinder CREMA Initiative from executing it promised objective or benefits to its members
  • If there be an act of war in the nation or natural disaster that prevent CREMA Initiative from meeting continually for a period of not less than 3months
  • If that member is found guilty of doing things inimical to the development, progress or causing disaffection among CREMA Initiative members and is:
  1. Under Investigation
  2. Recommended for disciplinary action
  3. Serving disciplinary action
  • If charged for any criminal act and is found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction