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Who We Are

Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative (CREMA Initiative) is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organization, committed to leadership ethics, economic empowerment and developmental advocacy.

Our Motto:

Justice for all……….            Wealth for all………..

Our Vision:

…Raising economic empowered citizens through dignity of labour, who shall be  socially relevant through Rights awareness

Our Mission:

To be the platform for ethics development and socio economic empowerment, and the reference point for socio-responsibilities awareness and education advocacy, practicing core values

  Our aims and objectives:

The objectives and purposes for which the organization is established are:

*   To create awareness on socio-economic rights and obligations

*   To help in good citizens responsibilities advocacy and development

*   To create awareness on skill acquisition for economic empowerment

* To advocate for patriotism, socio-economic responsibilities and Time Value as sacrosanct to industry.


We shall concentrate our energy and resources on four key areas:

  • Educational: Educating/Awareness programs- An informed society is a right

conscious society

  • Health Related Matters: A healthy people are mentally alert and economically

active nation

  • Economy Empowerment: Through skill acquisitions and development as to create

      an industry.

  • Civil Rights Matters: The United Nations declaration on Human Rights, African

Charter on Human & People’s Rights and constitutional Rights shall not only be justifiably done, but be seen to have been done.

At CREMA we believe that these fundamentals are very crucial to National Integration and Development as Patriots and our sign of Patriotism

Acts for Patriot (Patriotism)

  1. Love for country and be willing to defend it and her interests
  2. To seek the good of fellow men and citizens above pecuniary/selfish interests
  3. To stick to the letter of the constitution
  4. To advocate for and ensure merit, not Nepotism, Tribalism, partiality have any place in dealing with fellow men and citizens in words and actions
  5. To fight for the greatness, socio-political, economic and technological advancement of the country for the pride of its citizens and posterity
  6. To leave a good name and nation posterity would be proud of.


Our Leadership Purposes and Responsibilities

  1. Leadership is service, and service is:
  1. Something you do to bring benefit(s) to someone or people.
  2. What you do to improve the welfare of others, the environment and society making it better than how you met it.
  3. What you do to promote a good and noble cause for the benefit of others.
  4. Helping a person or people to maximize their potentials and achieve their life’s purposes.
  1. To be in a position to create or add value to beings and things.
  2. To be available for service with the purpose to find a solution to a problem or challenge facing a people.
  3. Ensuring order where there is disorderliness.
  4. Is to ensure maximum productivity from all to all for the common good of all
  5. To ensure security and protection of the lives and interests of the people within your place of influence.
  6. It is a call to duty. Duty demands commitment and the commitment factor invariably requires responsibility and accountability.
  7. Making Your Life a benchmark and model for others to follow.
  8. Leadership mean commitment to a cause, values, belief and to a people
  9. Leadership is responsible (i.e leaving up to the responsibility for which the people need you

Leadership mean been accountable for the results of decisions and actions before God, your conscience and man.


As patriots All CREMA Initiative officers/Members shall be expected to exhibits these basic fundamental traits: Known as CREMA Leadership 8 Points PRO Focuses/Agenda

Pro-active Leadership

Professionalism in our various callings

Promoting Patriotism and socio-political responsibilities

Profit driven ventures for the Benefits of members

Protecting members interests/Priviledges and Rights

Provoking Passion for Right Values

Projecting National Pride and Self Sacrifices

Promoting Time value consciousness as sacrosanct to industry, productivity and High level of leadership responsibility

Our Obligations:

As patriots, members shall:

  1. Be law abiding
  2. Pay ones Tax
  3. Know your Ward and The Councilor, your LGA/LCDA and Chairman, Your Federal Constituency and House of Representative/house of Assembly member, your Senatorial district and Senator and know the community/youth leader and royal father in your area
  4. To vote and be sure you are counted
  5. Freedom of speech (be free to air your opinion without been libelous and scandalous
  6. To protest and legally fight injustice wherever, however, without resorting to violence
  7. To fight against crimes and corruption by providing information to relevant authorities/agencies
  8. Not to give or take bribe
  9. To find a meaningful source of employment and income generation
  10. To be hard working and industrious
  11. To shun crime. Corruption and violence
  12. To be punctual in your place of works and meetings with men and organisation. (It is better to be three hours early, than 3 minutes late
  13. To establish a good reputation through integrity, honesty and sincerity of purpose

Your Rights:

Members shall be made to be aware of their rights as enshrined in the country’s constitution, African Charter of Human and Peoples Rights and the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights

Among but not limited to these are:

  • The right to basic standard and affordable education
  • The right to self determination as to be the best in what you do and be and aspire to the highest office in the land
  • The right to affordable shelter
  • The right to government protection and defense of it citizens wherever they are in any part of the world
  • The right to good roads and basic infrastructure
  • The right to access to justice and fair hearing
  • The right to vote and be voted for
  • The right to good and affordable health care facility
  • The right to regular and stable light
  • The right to pay as you use (accommodation, light etc)
  • The right to secured employment
  • The right to demand for accountable leadership
  • The right to be considered and addressed as a citizen first outside your mother’s tongue in any part of your country and not as an indigene or be “tribalised”, or “ethnicised”.
  • The right to security
  • The right to free association and opinion
  • The rights to consumer’s rights

Our Agenda:

  1. Coordinating Centers:
  2. As Meeting Points
  3. Deliberate on issues bordering on how to improve CREMA Initiative capacity to meet it set objectives.
  4. Registration of members, dues collection, information collation and dissemination
  5. Impartation of right values for national consciousness and socio-political awareness and responsibilities

Membership Drive/Mobilization;

  1. To aggressively recruit and Mobilize Nigerian as Members of CREMA Initiative
  2. To Achieve a minimum of 10% target membership drive from current population within ward, LGA/LCDA, State, Zone and national within a minimum of 1 year, 6 months (Wards) to 7 years(National)


On the platform of equity, fairness and justice, CREMA Initiative shall not by-pass these percentage rating to give ANY undue advantage over others.


This implies that all members shall earn the minimum percentage rating to merit his or her basis for approval, recommendation and reason for financial or economic empowerment, and whatever assistance the member needs, except on critical and life threatening health issue.


Thus all Members Shall:

OBLIGATIONS                                                                                                 % RATING

  1. Belong to a Chapter (To be known as CREMA Center)                                     5%*
  2. Bring in a Member Monthly 25%*
  3. Must have a voters Card once Eligible (18yrs) 15%*
  4. Punctuality to Chapter Official Meetings 05%*
  5. Attend a minimum of 75% of chapter meeting in 2years (i.e. 18 months) 10%*
  6. Complete Financial Members Registration Payment in 3 Months(Membership),

6 months (Officers)                                                                                                     10%*

  1. Complete Payment of Monthly Dues (N200) in a calendar year 05%
  2. Contributions/Donations and Payment of Levy for CREMA projects 05%
  3. Must know your Ward, LGA/LCDA, Federal constituency, Senatorial district

and current occupier in both the state and National Level                                         15%

  1. Participation in Rallies when and if called 10%

Total Percentage Rating                                                                                                 100%


N/B: Areas Asterisked are key deciders that should not be Ignored by ANY member or officer.