CREMA Initiative

Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative

Who We Are

Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative, also known as CREMA Initiative, is a non-governmental, no religious and non partisan organization. We are both Operational and Campaign based.

What we do

As an Operational NGO, we are projects oriented that shall be beneficial to our members and the society. While as a Campaign Organisation, we shall advocate and mobilize support for government policies that favours the common interests of the masses or mobilize against those that may try to subjugate the citizenry to poverty or loose their freedom.

Our Vision

…Raising patriotic and economically empowered citizens

Our Mission

Using citizen rights awareness, skills acquisition and dignity of labour to raise patriots and economically empowered citizens

Our Core Values

Pro-active Leadership

Professionalism in our various callings

Promoting Patriotism and socio-political responsibilities.

Our Focus (Objectives)

  • Educational
  • Health Related Matters
  • Economy Empowerment
  • Civil Rights Matters:

Our News Update

Membership Benefits.

On the platform of equity, fairness and justice, CREMA Initiative shall not by-pass these percentage rating to give ANY undue advantage over others.   This

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Our Partners

Join hands with us to protect Citizens Right.

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