CREMA Initiative

About Us

Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative, also known as CREMA Initiative, is a non-governmental, no religious and non partisan organization. We are both Operational and Campaign based.

Rexkennedy Efua Saltlove

On behalf of directors, executives and members, patron/matrons, I welcome you on board to this great, dynamic and ever evolving organisation: Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative (CREMA Initiative)

CREMA Initiative is a platform for men and women of like passion cutting across various academic and professional backgrounds, religious faith, political inclination, social strata,


The various socio-economic, political, religious and leadership challenges and the need for pro-active leadership that guarantees a stable polity for the citizenry has been severally questioned by all.

CREMA Initiative is birthed with the purpose to redefine leadership and mobilize Nigerians to wake up to their responsibilities/obligations and thus have the basis to demands for their rights and be empowered.

Who We Are

Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative (CREMA Initiative) is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organization, committed to leadership ethics, economic empowerment and developmental advocacy.

…Raising patriotic and economically empowered citizens

Using citizen rights awareness and dignity of labour to raise patriots and economically empowered citizens

Justice for all………. Wealth for all………..

Our aims and objectives

The objectives and purposes for which the organization is established are:


To create awareness on socio-economic rights and obligations


To help in good citizens responsibilities advocacy and development


To create awareness on skill acquisition for economic empowerment


To advocate for patriotism, socio-economic responsibilities and Time Value as sacrosanct to industry.

Acts For Patriot (Patriotism)

Love for country and be willing to defend it and her interests

To leave a good name and nation posterity would be proud of.

To stick to the letter of the constitution

To advocate for and ensure merit, not Nepotism, Tribalism, partiality have any place in dealing with fellow men and citizens in words and actions

To fight for the greatness, socio-political, economic and technological advancement of the country for the pride of its citizens and posterity

To seek the good of fellow men and citizens above pecuniary/selfish interests

To access other benefits as a member like Identification Card, Members brochure (information on your Rights, Obligations, Benefits (Financial, Health, Economic Empowerment etc)

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