CREMA Initiative


Dear friends,

On behalf of directors, executives and members, patron/matrons, I welcome you on board to this great, dynamic and ever evolving organisation: Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative (CREMA Initiative)

CREMA Initiative is a platform for men and women of like passion cutting across various academic and professional backgrounds, religious faith, political inclination, social strata, age group and economic levels; who, laying aside their personal interests, decide to team up and pursue common interests. We definitely know in the long run, it will be for the common good of all.

I know as citizens of this great nation, you have potentials, aspirations, and dreams to be relevant in life and make impact in this nation and your generation. However, as things presently stand, you may not have such contacts, connections and resources to fulfill your life’s dream.

You are not alone. That is why becoming a member of CREMA Initiative is a right step in your life and gives you just the right platform.

We are together in this: to fight and defend our rights for what is justifiably yours by birth and citizenship, and help one another to economic, social and political relevance where needed and be useful to our family, society and nation.

That is why as our name implies Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative (CREMA Initiative), we advocate for your rights and empowerment.

I want to honestly assure you, as you pray and play your part in this organisation and be a law abiding citizen, you will have every reason to find fulfillment in this Nation, That is a promise.


Best Regards,



Rexkennedy Efua Saltlove


President/Executive Director

CREMA Initiative

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