CREMA Initiative

Our Leadership Purposes and Responsibilities

  1. Leadership is service, and service is:
  2. Something you do to bring benefit(s) to someone or people.
  3. What you do to improve the welfare of others, the environment and society making it better than how you met it.
  4. What you do to promote a good and noble cause for the benefit of others.
  5. Helping a person or people to maximize their potentials and achieve their life’s purposes.
  6. To be in a position to create or add value to beings and things.
  7. To be available for service with the purpose to find a solution to a problem or challenge facing a people.
  8. Ensuring order, where there is disorderliness.
  9. Is to ensure maximum productivity from all to all for the common good of all
  10. To ensure security and protection of the lives and interests of the people within your place of influence.
  11. It is a call to duty. Duty demands commitment and the commitment factor invariably requires responsibility and accountability.
  12. Making Your Life a benchmark and model for others to follow.
  13. Leadership mean commitment to a cause, values, belief and to a people
  14. Leadership is responsible (i.e leaving up to the responsibility for which the people need you
  15. Leadership mean been accountable for the results of decisions and actions before God, your conscience and man.

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