CREMA Initiative

Our Obligations: As patriotic members

  1. Be law abiding
  2. Pay ones Tax
  3. Know your Ward and The Councilor, your LGA/LCDA and Chairman, Your Federal Constituency and House of Representative/house of Assembly member, your Senatorial district and Senator and know the community/youth leader and royal father in your area
  4. To vote and be sure you are counted
  5. Freedom of speech (be free to air your opinion without been libelous and scandalous
  6. To protest and legally fight injustice wherever, however, without resorting to violence
  7. To fight against crimes and corruption by providing information to relevant authorities/agencies
  8. Not to give or take bribe
  9. To find a meaningful source of employment and income generation
  10. To be hard working and industrious
  11. To shun crime. Corruption and violence
  12. To be punctual in your place of works and meetings with men and organisation. (It is better to be three hours early, than 3 minutes late
  13. To establish a good reputation through integrity, honesty and sincerity of purpose


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