CREMA Initiative


Our Leadership Purposes and Responsibilities

  1. Leadership is service, and service is:
  2. Something you do to bring benefit(s) to someone or people.
  3. What you do to improve the welfare of others, the environment and society making it better than how you met it.
  4. What you do to promote a good and noble cause for the benefit of others.
  5. Helping a person or people to maximize their potentials and achieve their life’s purposes.

Our Obligations: As patriotic members

  1. Be law abiding
  2. Pay ones Tax
  3. Know your Ward and The Councilor, your LGA/LCDA and Chairman, Your Federal Constituency and House of Representative/house of Assembly member, your Senatorial district and Senator and know the community/youth leader and royal father in your area
  4. To vote and be sure you are counted
  5. Freedom of speech (be free to air your opinion without been libelous and scandalous.


Membership Benefits.

On the platform of equity, fairness and justice, CREMA Initiative shall not by-pass these percentage

rating to give ANY undue advantage over others.


This implies that all members shall earn the minimum percentage rating to merit his or her basis for

approval, recommendation and reason for financial or economic empowerment, and whatever

assistance the member needs, except on critical and life threatening health issue.

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